Our proprietary membranes are the most advanced and cost-effective in the world. Here’s why.

Versogen is the global leader in superior polymer design and engineering. Our anion exchange membranes (AEM) deliver on the long-awaited promise of unprecedented durability, performance, and scalability. These versatile membranes can be used in multiple cross-sector applications.

Our patented PiperION® platform technology is transforming the energy industry with robust and affordable membranes that perform efficiently in alkaline environments. Versogen membranes also enable the use of low-cost construction materials in electrolyzers, fuel cells, and other electrochemical devices to surpass incumbent technologies, including proton exchange membranes (PEM).

Our PiperION® platform

PiperION® is a registered trademark of Versogen, Inc

When performance and durability matter, Versogen delivers.

Our hydrocarbon membranes provide unparalleled chemical stability, while simultaneously enabling high ionic conductivity and mechanical robustness. For example, when a 5cm-2 electrolyzer is fed at the anode with pure water, our membranes deliver an electrical current density of 1,020 mA cm-2 at 1.8 V and a durability of 160 hours at 200mA cm-2 using a nickel-based anode catalyst and nickel foam porous transport layer.

Versogen Products
Versogen can reliably manufacture 30 square meters per hour of 20 um thick roll-to-roll membrane. This production capacity provides a stable and consistent supply of membranes and ionomers for single-cell and stack development.

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