Introducing a revolutionary new class of electrolyzer to produce low-cost green hydrogen

At Versogen, we are passionate about creating innovative solutions for the global energy crisis and achieving a sustainable future. Our new class of zero-emission electrolyzer solves two essential challenges—improving efficiency and lowering costs. Built with our patented anion exchange membranes (AEM), the Versogen electrolyzer use earth-abundant materials, water, and renewable energy to produce green hydrogen at scale—affordably and reliably.

Versogen combines the best of both worlds:
Our breakthrough technology uses low-cost construction materials like a traditional alkaline electrolyzer and efficiently produces hydrogen like a membrane-based PEM electrolyzer.

Our pioneering approach to hydrogen generation is an AEM electrolyzer that provides operational benefits similar to a proton exchange membrane (PEM) system at a significantly lower capital expenditure cost. Versogen electrolyzer offers:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • High-purity hydrogen
  • Pressurized supply of hydrogen
  • Compact and scalable stacks

Green hydrogen is the catalyst for a net-zero future

Producing green hydrogen cost-effectively with renewable energy has the power to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries and drive the global energy transition toward a carbon-neutral economy.  

Versogen’s simple, low-cost system is designed to integrate smoothly with intermittent renewable electricity. Our electrolyzer stacks can compete on cost parity with carbon-fueled technologies, such as steam methane reforming (SMR), to generate a source of truly green hydrogen.

A low-cost design delivers a green and sustainable solution

Engineered to reduce costs at every stage, Versogen’s zero-gap electrolyzers are built with the most advanced and lowest-cost hydrocarbon membrane and nickel-based catalysts that consume only water and renewable energy. A demonstrated pure water anode feed in a stackable and efficient design makes the pressurization of hydrogen easier and more cost-effective.

State-of-the-art alkaline electrolyzers offer low capital expense (CapEx) costs but have high energy operational expense (OpEx) due to a lack of flexibility and efficiency. PEM electrolyzers are flexible, efficient, and compact but the costly materials needed, such as iridium and platinum, drive CapEx costs up. Versogen AEM electrolyzer is a low-cost solution that offers both efficiency and flexibility.
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