Operando cathode activation with alkali metal cations for high current density operation of water-fed zero-gap carbon dioxide electrolysers

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Water-Fed Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Electrolyzer Enabled by a Fluoride-Incorporated Nickel–Iron Oxyhydroxide Oxygen Evolution Electrode

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Editors’ Choice—Uncovering the Role of Alkaline Pretreatment for Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

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A Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell with a KOH-Free Anode Feed Generating 180 mW cm−2 at 120°C

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High carbonate ion conductance of a robust PiperION membrane allows industrial current density and conversion in a zero-gap carbon dioxide electrolyzer cell

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Structure-transport relationships of poly(aryl piperidinium) anion-exchange membranes: Effect of anions and hydration

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